Impressive venue for private events

Located in Haukilahti 76 meters above sea level, Ravintola Haikaranpesä is recognized for hosting elegant private parties. In the evenings, as a booked venue, Haikaranpesä offers the chance for great dinners and joyous dancing. The environment and views create an impressive venue for your celebration. The restaurant seats 150 persons. We offer private dinners and events starting from 10 persons all the way up to 150 persons.
Binding confirmations are required 5 days in advance with the menu option as well as special dietary requirements.

We invoice according to the amount of confirmed guests. NB! We only offer a consolidated invoice for the event. Get in touch with us and we will plan just the perfect event for you.
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Jazz & Dinner

Restaurant Haikaranpesä offers Jazz & dinner nights entertaining the guests with live music and delicious food!


Jazz and Dinner nights  we offer an A La Carte menu, starters and desserts are also available in traditional Haikaranpesä buffet style.

Band plays live music 19:00-19:45 and 20:30-21:15.


Find out more and check the dates on our Finnish websites or contact us by email

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Hauenkallio 3
Haukilahden vesitorni
02170 Espoo

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Meetings and conferences in Ravintola Haikaranpesä

Our Restaurant offers a great venue and views for arranging a conference or meeting.

Our restaurant includes a cabinet with a projector and screen. The cabinet comfortably accommodates around 20 persons. The minimum is 10 persons.
Meetings and conferences can be arranged from early morning to late night.
Morning conferences can begin earliest at 8am. We serve a delicious breakfast to the conference room. An example breakfast may include roast-beef and salmon sandwiches, fresh juice, fruit, coffee/tea á 20€/person. The Cabinet is available 8.00-11.00. Using the cabinet incurs to extra costs.
The conference or meeting can be continued while enjoying the buffet lunch from 11:00, 48€/person. The cabinet is open for all lunch guests from 11:00. In events for over 35 persons, we reserve the cabinet for you for the lunch time as well.
Evening conferences can be arranged starting from 16:00. Servings can be arranged according to your needs.
Get in touch with us and we will plan just the perfect event for you.

Phone. 09-4524254